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Take a vacaction & Gymnastics in the snow December 16, 2010

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For the cactus I drew a picture of a cactus. Then I scanned it in the computer and traced over it using the paint tool in Illustrator. I did the pot first then the cactus body, mouth, eyes, thorns, and eye brow. Then I grouped it all together.


Honda Accord 2009

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For this photoshop project I got two pictures from the internet, one of a regular Honda Accord and then one of a Honda Accord’s engine. I opened the picture of the regular Honda in Photoshop. I deleted the background layer and make the picture of the Honda the background layer. Then I placed the picture of the Honda engine over the background layer. After that I placed the same regular Honda picture as before ontop of the Honda engine picture and I added a layer mask for that layer, then I sprayed the hood with the ‘trasparent red spray paint’.


Layers Panel December 2, 2010

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Layers are a smart solution for organizing and managing a complex illustration. They make it easier to make a complex illustration, because you can work with one layer at a time, then add on layers to make it look better. You don’t have to work with alot of different shapes at once. You can put squares on one layer, circles on another, and triangles on another layer. Each layer looks boring but put them together and you have a cool pattern.


Paula’s Posies November 30, 2010

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Paula’s PosiesFor Paula’s Posies I drew four different examples and I picked one of them. Then I inserted a bunch of pictures of flowers and set one as the background and the others I masked into letters of  ‘paula’s posies’. Then I made a border out of pictures of swamp daisies and inside I wrote “surprise her with swamp daisies”. Then I put a picture of swamp dasies under that. Then I wrote the info at the bottom of the page. (it will not let me insert the picture, it says for security reasons..)?


Story Book Characters

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 For the three owl babies I drew a picture of three owls. Then I scanned them into my computer. Then, I traced over them with the pen tool in illustrator. I made layers on top of layers to make the owls. I drew the body first, then eyes and beak, then I added the extra stuff like feathers and feet.

For my river drinker spider I drew a picture of it and scanned it into the computer. Then, I opened it in illustrator and traced over it with the pen tool. First making the river, then I make the head of the spider, then eyes and hair, and I grouped that together. Then I made the body and layered the stripes on top. Then I grouped everything together.



Concentric November 18, 2010

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Concentric refers to objects that share the same centerpoint.